Parcel - A Better Module Bundler

Published by Andrew Mead

Learn how to create web apps with Parcel, a zero-configuration Webpack alternative.

When was the last time you built a web application without Webpack?

For me, it’s been over three years.

Webpack has become an essential tool for development, allowing you to configure your project to work with Babel, ES6/ES7, Import/Export, JSX, SCSS and more. While Webpack gets the job done, I often find myself needing to reconfigure the same tools each time I start a new project.

That’s when I found Parcel. Parcel is a zero-configuration web app bundler. It can be used in place of Webpack, and it comes with built-in support for everything your application needs.

Getting started couldn’t be easier, so let’s dive in and see what Parcel can do!

You can view the final code here.